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Outreach Opportunities


Parish Staff and other volunteers went to several homes delivering Christmas bags provided by the Ladies of Charity and Catholic Charities of Western New York. In the bag were various household items, a blanket, and other useful personal items, one could use but can not always afford. As we progressed along our trail, we came upon the most beautiful people in our community. These people didn’t really need the “tangible” gift, although appreciated—they need the gift of someone to visit them, to encourage them, to know they are still an integral part of our Christian community. Most of these people were living alone, some had family members living with them, others just lit up with joy when we surprised them with our gift. It was so humbling and rewarding to be able to experience the true meaning of Christmas through their eyes.

Please consider volunteering to call, visit, bring Eucharist to the homebound, offer a ride to church, grocery store or doctor appointment, work in the community kitchen, or prepare a casserole for a family going through a difficult time. If each of us does just one thing, many will be helped.

You will be receiving much more than you give!

Communion and Visitation to Sick, Homebound, Hospitalized and those in Adult Community Residences

These extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion bring the. Eucharist and visit those parishioners and other Catholics who are sick, homebound, hospitalized or living in adult community residences.

Community Kitchen

Volunteers assist in preparing and serving a meal to anyone who wishes to come for the meal. Holy Family Parish currently has parishioners who volunteer on the third Friday of every month for this special ministry. The Community Kitchen is located at Christ Episcopal Church and is open every Friday between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m.

Sweaters for Local & Refugee Children

Members of this ministry work with Albion inmates to knit about 2000 sweaters yearly, meeting weekly in the facility. (Once a month during the summer).

Transportation Ministry

Parishioners offer transportation to Mass and parish activities to those in need such as those in nursing homes, group homes, or home bound.

Please contact the parish office for more information on any of the above groups.